We learned a game called ‘Second Life’ for this week. It is like real life. You can create a character and direct it as you want. I couldn’t download the game in the class because of the download limit but I will download it in a short time. I can create a learning environment in my carrer for my students so they can both amuse and practice the English.



We created our websites for this week. I haven’t had a website beforehand so it is a little complex for me. We will share all our workings on this page at the end of the semester and this is very exciting for me. I don’t know how I can overcome this. We can share information about us, we can add our contact adresses, our podcasts, reflections and our workings. We can use this site in our carrer. this can be a special platform between us and our students. It can be a good experience to share workings in here for students. Image


We learned to create podcast for this week. Firstly, we learned to prepare and distrubute audio files. we can create and upload them them to our ipods. for our department we have a webpage such as we can find from this page about teaching English also we can present them to our students.

National Public Radio is also another page about podcasts. it contains current topics.

The later one is We can record our voice and publish it. but we cannot use it more than 3 minutes freely.  


For this week, we learned to prepare dijital stories. We can use it for young learners mostly. We can find the stories from variable webpages such as storynory and storyjumper. We can download the stories from storynory and chande it with moviemaker programme. With  storyjumper, we can create stories with props and scenes and we can use photos from our computers as well but downloading is not free. Before making change on the story, we should save it.

The other choice about preparing dijital story is dvolver moviemaker. You can create enjoyful films. You can select the characters, scenes or moves of charactes and create dialogues of characters. After creating the film, we can sent it as an e-mail.




We looked over WizIQ and Google Hangouts for this week. Firstly, we can create an online teaching setting by using WizIq. We can search courses which we want and some of them are free in this webpage. We can select ‘’Courses’’ button and then click ‘’Create a course’’. So you can set an online teaching platform. If you don’t use premium account , you can add ten students. we can add power point presentations or pdf files on this platform. There are also the attendees and chat parts. The attendees can see your sharings and if they want, the attendees can say their ideas about your presentation or sent private messages by using the chat part for example or they can communicate by means of this part. Also there are ‘microphone’ option. In addition to them,  If you want, you can let attendees to write something on the screen and you can continue speaking courses and group workings out of class.

Secondly, Google Hangouts looks like facebook. You can log in with your gmail account. It contains a microphone and a camera and talk with whoever you want. By means of this application, you can do practice on speaking.




I’m Gökçem. I was born on November 27, 1988. My family lives in Eskişehir but I’m living in Bolu for my university education. I had education in Millizafer primary school in Eskişehir and then I graduated from Cumhuriyet high school and I got into Anatolian University for French Language teaching program for 3 years. Then I left this department and came to Abant Izzet Baysal University for department of ELT because I like teaching and English. In addition, I like reading books and watching series in my leisure times. I enjoy listening to music by walking and swimming to relax. I interested in history a little too.

My Prezi:

Reflection 8

We looked over  Edmodo, Nicenet, Dokeos and Prezi,  for this week. We already have used the Edmodo for the CALL course. We can use this webpage in place of Facebook application for only our courses as a teacher in the future. On the Facebook, it can be really confusing for students to open a group and to share messages about the lessons among alot of unnecessary sharings and this web page can be really effective for using only education purposes.

Secondly, we told about Nicenet. We can enter this webpage as a student or teacher. It looks like Edmodo. I cannot understand the difference between the Edmodo and Nicenet exactly but I know that this is an text based application.

We were mentioned Dokeos thirdly. At the beginning of the semester, we used this application but it was renewed and closed. Then we started to use Edmodo fot this course. According to me, Dokeos is more reliable than Edmodo because, our instructor can follow us more detailed on this page. He could be informed about our working process,  for example because the system recorded our entrance and exit times.

At the end, we learned to use prezi to prepare effective presentations. It can be more effective and attractive than power point. We can use zoom. However; ıt has some disadvantages, we can download it for only 30 days freely and if we don’t want to buy it, we have to use it from the internet without downloading. In this situation if we want to make changes after finishing our presentation, we have to correct it on the internet setting and we need to download corrected version again. This can be difficult in limited times.